The Happy Ending

Benjamin B. Ferencz

Last, but far from least, my partnership with Gertrude lasted more than seventy years. She was a constant companion in all of my work, sharing its problems and aspirations. Her patience, understanding, and tolerance were vital supports for all of my efforts to create a more peaceful world. She has been a power behind the man, with suggestions, criticisms, and sound ideas. The fact that we have both come from similar backgrounds, faced similar hardships, shared similar goals, and were equally determined to make this a better world for everyone, was a vital binding force. It has been my good fortune to have such a good wife and to have been raised in the United States, to have served in a terrible war without being bodily injured, and to have faced other hazards from which I have escaped unscathed. For all this, and more, I remain eternally grateful.

On that happy note, I come to the end of my stories. I hope the saga has provided some amusement, possible enlightenment, and perhaps inspiration. I intend to continue trying to make this a more humane world for as long as I live. But that’s another story.