July 4, 2015
From The New York Times: Another of the veterans honored by the French minister in his speech was Benjamin B. Ferencz, 96. A Harvard Law School graduate, Mr. Ferencz served in an antiaircraft battalion in 1943, but was better known for his role after the war ended. At age 27, Mr. Ferencz became the chief prosecutor for the United States in the Einsatzgruppen case of the Nuremberg trials. . ...
May 25, 2015
Benjamin Ferencz is the only surviving prosecutor from the Nuremberg trials, which, soon after the conclusion of WWII, held Nazi leaders to account for war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated during the war. Specifically, Mr. Ferencz was the Chief Prosecutor of the Einsatzgruppen case, in which 22 high-ranking Nazis were convicted of slaughtering over a million innocent men, women, ...
March 26, 2015
In a lecture on international criminal justice, Ben Ferencz recounted his part in what he called the biggest murder trial in history.
February 9, 2015
Benjamin Ferencz was 27 when he was the chief prosecutor responsible for convicting 22 men on trial for murdering 1 million men, women and children. Now 95, he is the only living prosecutor from the Nuremberg war-crime trials.