New Legal Foundations for Global Survival: Security Through the Security Council


The following briefly summarizes ideas encompassed in the latest Ferencz book, New Legal Foundations for Global Survival, which is the culmination of his life’s work. The actions outlined here and detailed in the book are one answer to those who week both logic and political feasibility in proposals that would empower the United Nations to do its job.

Professor Louis Sohn (Harvard Emeritus), who has written introductions to many Ferencz books, urges that the book “be read eagerly” by those who with to improve the United Nations. Professor Ved Nanda of the University of Denver has called it “a masterpiece!” Other outstanding experts have also hailed the Ferencz proposals that could bring about a more effective United Nations without the arduous process of amending the UN Charter.

The World Federalist Association, the international World Federalist Movement and the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, together with affiliated member organizations of the Alliance for Our Common Future are proud to make this summary available to seek ways to make the future better than the past.

Tim Barner
Executive Director, World Federalist Association