Note to Kaul family: Tribute to Hans-Peter Kaul

Dear Elisabeth, family and friends:

Words can not adequately convey our sadness. The Kaul family was like our own family and we feel so helpless to ease the pain as we join in your grief.

I recall when Hans-Peter first arrived at the United Nations many years ago. He brought honor to his country by his determined support for the International Criminal Court and the search for a more peaceful world. I witnessed the presentation of his Doctor's degree in Koln and his appointment as a Judge in the Hague. I cherish his handwritten postcards over the years from various cities around the globe. In his public speeches he often echoed the slogan "Never give up !" - he never did. But no one is immortal. We can find some solace knowing that the inevitable end came relatively quickly.

When the history books are written, the name "Hans-Peter Kaul" will appear in bold letters to honor a bold man who dared to strive for the rule of law instead of war.

In the hearts of all who loved him, his memory and inspiration shall live on. No one could ask for more.

In loving memory,