The Path to World Peace

June 22, 1996

Every orderly society has three requirements:

  1. Clear laws, to define what is permissible and impermissible;
  2. Courts (civil and criminal) to settle disputes or punish violators;
  3. Effective enforcement.

Although we now live in an interdependent world, on the international level these three vital components are weak or non-existent. The result: chaos or danger to everyone...

To eliminate these shortcomings, without intruding needlessly into national, local or personal affairs, we need:

  • Laws clearly defining those acts that may threaten us, such as international aggression, genocide and other crimes against humanity;
  • An international court with compulsory authority to settle all disputes that threaten the peace of nations as well as an international criminal court to punish such crimes wherever they occur;
  • A system of enforcement that will tell even heads of state that they can no longer get away with mass murder.

The United Nations was supposed to protect succeeding generations from the scourge of war. It has not done so for the simple reason that the member states - that were legal obliged to honor the Charter they ratified - have failed to live up to their legal and moral obligations. The Charter must be given a chance to work. Its provisions for universal disarmament under effective international controls must be respected. An alternative security system based on economic and other sanctions must be put in place. The United States should not have to be the policeman of the world. A UN Security Force, as envisioned by the Charter, should be created. Furthermore, the revolting conditions that give rise to revolts that threaten world peace must be diminished as nations enhance social justice, protect the environment and respect minimum standards of human rights for all.

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