During the course of his distinguished career, Ben Ferencz has published numerous books, scholarly articles, letters, op-eds, and communiques through the web, He has also been featured in a wide range of video and audio recordings. 

June 1998
June 29, 1998 Nations from all over the world are meeting in Rome to form a new legal institution. They are trying to establish a permanent International Criminal Court (ICC) ...
May 1998
A Brief Introduction Prosecuting crimes against peace and humanity was not invented at Nuremberg in 1945. Since ancient days, the legality of war itself and how wars were ...
April 1998
29 April 1998 The world stands on the threshold of closing a glaring gap in the international legal order. Over fifty years ago, the International Military Tribunal at ...
April 1997
Introduction Since Professor Emeritus Blaine Sloan is a dear and admired friend who recruited me to serve as an Adjunct Professor at Pace Law School, it is a particular ...
February 1997
Once again, the creation of an international criminal court is high on the United Nations agenda. The General Assembly has instructed a Preparatory Committee to draft a ...
June 1996
June 22, 1996 Every orderly society has three requirements: Clear laws, to define what is permissible and impermissible; Courts (civil and criminal) to settle disputes or ...
April 1996
Reviewing: Yael Danieli, Nigel S. Rodley, and Lars Weisaeth (eds.), International Responses to Traumatic Stress: Humanitarian, Human Rights, Justice, Peace and Development ...
March 1996
Ben Ferencz recalls all of the subsequent trials at Nuremberg at a reunion of Nuremberg Trials participants held in Washington D.C. on March 22-23, 1996.
Introduction The following briefly summarizes ideas encompassed in the latest Ferencz book, New Legal Foundations for Global Survival, which is the culmination of his life’s ...
October 1993
You’ve heard from Professor Rubin, a distinguished scholar, and serious thinker that there should not be an international criminal tribunal to punish crimes against ...
October 1992
I. Introduction On December 11, 1946, the first General Assembly of the United Nations passed three successive resolutions designed to prevent a recurrence of some of the ...
April 1992
Background For almost fifty years, nations were unable to agree upon a definition of international aggression. It was easier to commit aggression than to define it. Writing in ...
March 1990
Today, in the course of about twenty minutes, I will deal with the issue of accountability for state-sponsored mass murder in light of the Nuremberg Trails. Seeing the special ...

Planethood: The Key to Your Future

By Benjamin B. Ferencz with Ken Keyes Jr.
September 1986
It is widely held, particularly in the United States, that with sufficient determination and application, all problems can be resolved in a fairly brief period of time. The ...
Preface For the first time in history, it lies within man’s power to destroy all life on earth. National and economic rivalries, competing political ideologies and ...
Introduction By Louis B. Sohn* Athens, Georgia, February 1983 This is the third part of a grand trilogy. In the first two parts, Benjamin B. Ferencz presented collections of ...